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About New Golden Wok

Our staff in NewGoldenWok is devoted to food completely. We make magic out of each ingredient. Most ingredients are here because of great diversity in taste they deliver. That is what makes our dishes special. Combining of different elements and putting the right spice will always be our secret to success. When we try to be unique, we try to show that through our dishes. The more we create, the more successful we become, and that is our first intention. We simply want to be the best Asian restaurant around, so you can make a strong distinction when you hear the name NewGoldenWok. Our dedication is simple. Providing the tasteful food to you is our priority. When you are happy about the food, we are happy about our philosophy. Only the best taste is acceptable. 

New Golden Wok Restaurant

When you want to find us in London area, it will be an easy task. We are located in 2 Norwood High St, London SE27 9NS. Many interesting spots are located in this part of the city, so you will easily find us. If you want to order online, it will be the fastest way to try our food. Just download our apps from App Store or Google Play and enjoy the simplicity. Our apps are easy to use, especially if you use it for the first time. The menu is offering all types of dishes and you can order whatever you like. Order today and choose your favorite dish. NewGoldenWok is here to give you the best experience. Our food is simply different and you will notice that from the first bite. The food full of taste will satisfy all your senses. Find out why NewGoldenWok is the best place to eat some amazing Asian food.

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